"Hunting, conservation and habitat improvement
can all share the same space simultaneously"

The “El Navazo” Hunting Grounds are located at the foothills of the Despeñaperros Nature Reserve, in the eastern Sierra Morena mountain range, just a few kilometres from the town of Aldeaquemada in Jaén.

A shared habitat with protected species and magnificent specimens of big and small game.

A magnificent place to enjoy nature and practice responsible hunting.


Surprise, Share and Gift experiences at El Navazo. Let hunting and recreational activities at the estate forge unforgettable memories.

Letting yourself be taken in by the surroundings is the only requirement. 

  • Corporate Events 
  • Business Bonus   
  • Exclusive hunting groups  
  • Cycle of life and Sounds of nature
  • Themed activities 


Eastern Sierra Morena Mountain Range – Puerta de Andalucía

A beautiful mountainous enclave with countless attractions such as the “Cimbarra Nature Preserve”, a protected area with abundant wildlife and protected species.

These spectacular landscapes are home to unique vestiges of prehistoric life in Andalusia: The Artes Rupestres cave art sites, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


The estate’s geographical location promises hunting enthusiasts one of the longest hunting seasons in Europe. The high genetic selection of the specimens and the experience in the organisation of hunting and stalking, makes the El Navazo hunting range a benchmark in big and small game hunting.

Visitors can observe the cycles of life and enjoy the sounds of nature during the off seasons: Rutting red deer – Fallow deer calls – Scampering mouflons

A real educational experience for young and old alike. 

Discover the virtues of El NavazoA UNIQUE NATURAL DESTINATION


The Cimbarra Falls Nature Preserve is a picturesque carving along a rugged relief with a spectacle of colours and sounds, forming a succession of waterfalls of renowned beauty, such as the Cimbarrillo and María Antonia