"The important thing in hunting
is not to hunt, but to be hunting”.
(José Ortega y Gasset)
"The important thing in hunting
is not to hunt, but to be hunting”.
(José Ortega y Gasset)

MONTERÍA: Andalusian Cultural Heritage

Montería has been a traditional big game hunting practice in Spain for over eight centuries. A unique and exciting event engaging all the senses.

Our hunting centre has been organising hunting excursions for over 25 years. Diversity at the El Navazo, La Parrilla and La Pizarra ranges favours organised montería hunts with up to 35 hunters, and also exclusive and personalised hunts.

The estate is managed on a highly selective genetic approach and comprehensive care of the game, placing El Navazo at the forefront of Spanish hunting. Participants are given the opportunity to bring down a large number of medal-worthy game in each montería.


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(Cervus elaphus)


(Sus scrofa)

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(Dama Dama)


(Ovis Musimón)

Ways to Hunt at El Navazo


Rececho (spot-and-stalk) is pure hunting entailing the hunter, the prey and the environment. The challenge lies in demonstrating the knowledge and skill to come as close as possible to the target. 

The estate organises entirely tailor-made rececho spot-and-stalk hunts of red and fallow deer, mouflon or wild boar, and always targeting adult male specimens.

Our professional gamekeepers, who are well acquainted with the terrain, will accompany and advise the hunters. The estate has field-ready vehicles to carry downed game.

The estate’s layout means that several hunters can stalk at the same time while maintaining safe distances at all times.


The Night Watch is for patient, solitary hunters, skilled in searching for and interpreting the signs and noises of the night. Aguardo is a selective and trophy-oriented style of hunting. 

The waiting stands are perfectly set up at El Navazo, though it is up to the hunter to put his iron will, concentration and attention to the details of the surroundings, into action.

A unique method with a special charm, aguardo is gaining more and more followers every day. Sit-and-wait hunters all acknowledge the addictive charm of aguardo, championing this method as highly selective and full of magic. The estate is perfectly set up for aguardo of all the species.


At El Navazo, you can combine hunting activities with culinary delights, hiking excursions and visits to cultural sites around the estate. The nearby local communities also have plenty to offer for entertainment and relaxation.

Mallard Duck Hunting

Duck hunting at the El Navazo estate is a completely different and unforgettable experience for experts and beginners alike. A comfortable hunt with an elevated number of ducks for shooting.

An ideal activity for a few days in nature with family or friends. Many companies opt for duck hunting at El Navazo as an exciting incentive for clients and employees.

Estate visitors receive all the comforts during their stay, with recreational and educational activities also offered to accompanying guests.